DNAvatar Affiliate Program

50% Commissions

Tell 2 friends and you can get your modules Absolutely FREE

Once you order your first module of the DNAvatar program, you will receive an invitation to become an affiliate for this program. We offer this because we know this work will primarily grow by word of mouth and our best form of spreading the word is with you, our happy satisfied customers.

We recognize that this is not your average main stream meditation, self-help or spiritual awakening program – at least not now it isn't. As our species evolves and the awareness of this type of work expands throughout the consciousness on the planet, then more people will realize the power and potentials available to them by engaging in our Sonic Mystery School. If you would like to be a part of spreading this vibration across the planet, then share this program with others and tell them your experiences in exploring it so that they can decide for themselves. If you are not sure how to talk with others about it yet, then stop by and talk with JoAnn.

You name will be connected to any future purchases your friends make, so you can be making money sharing light-based products to increase your 5th World abundance. Not only will you make 50% commissions on the DNAvatar programs, but you will also make 20% on any products they purchase in the Visionary Music catalog.

You have several ways in which you can refer them.

Commissions are paid out monthly, W9 required for commissions over $600 per year.