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Understanding COVID19 from the 5D Templates

Release Date: 5.26.20

The COVID19 Global event is potentially reaching every human on the Planet in one way or another. Nothing like this has ever occurred before to this degree. Yes, we have had pandemics throughout history, but the magnitude of this coupled with the current world population, the effect on the world economy; coupled with the intensive integration and dependence of technology in our lives makes this situation unprecedented. Examining what has preceded this in our shared history on this planet will be a topic of interest for many years to come, with all sectors of society weighing in on the precursors and the outcomes. Much will change, there is no doubt.

The merging of technology with the human bio-energetic form is deciding how these symbiotic relationships will proceed as we, as a species, move forward. Transhumanism or Conscious Evolution: Evolve or Die, or Transform! Where are you choosing to put your personal energetic configuration in this 5th World of greater potentials emerging?

In this variation of a COVID19 Course we are going to examine new ways and perspectives of viewing the many facets of what is potentially taking place –  so that you can step outside of the predominant thought forms that are being spoon fed to the masses in the corporate media outlets and throughout your favorite forms of social media. I will also be giving you several experiential techniques to help you understand what is happening to you on the deeper levels within your bio-energetic matrix as well as your role in assisting the global awakening. My goal here is to help you to be able to sense the energetic nuances taking place so that you can navigate your pathway towards the more expansive, open and evolutionary 5th World templates of being.

This COVID19 Course is a more advanced process for those who have an emerging awareness of the awakening process and have been on this journey for long enough to know that along with the Light comes the Shadow. It is also for those who have been exploring the DNA Activation process or similar/related consciousness explorations for several years. This course is not advisable for beginners. I am trusting that you will only move forward if you think this material is beneficial to your current phase of evolution. Sometimes information like this can shift you into a realm of greater challenges  than that which you already may be experiencing. Of course, if you are at this resonant point in your evolution you will realize the necessity of opportunities such as this to provide strength and momentum in many facets of your continued growth as a consciously aware being.

I am giving you a doorway here into a greater level of expansion. Each of us have our roles to play.  My hope and sincere wish for each of you is that this COVID19 Course provides you with some new places and spaces to explore and integrate as you navigate your own unique transformational  paths. The content in this Course came to me in succinct energetic packets of information in my shamanic journeys with the QSET soundscapes, in the early days of the pandemic.  There was also some external research.  The majority of this creation, however,  came through my connection with Source Vibration. I want to help you think outside the box and outside the Matrix framework that the Media and other meme pusher agendas  are framing as limited narratives designed to get you to acquiesce to various outmoded control structures. There are going to be many scenarios projected upon you out there for which you will have to choose how to believe and what you really think is going on. Only your deep connection to Source will guide you in the right directions for your personal path.

Lightworkers must be willing to step outside these limited templates in order to assist in the positive evolution of our species, which is occurring on many levels during these important times. It is a matter of profound choices, and of the direction of attention and awareness on your part. There is a great opportunity now to slip in and out of energetic cracks that are opening in the control grids and take a leap in your consciousness and personal growth.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not to replace any of your current medical protocols or doctors advice. It is an exploration into the consciousness levels of the COVID19 virus for those engaged in awakening and self-healing protocols. It is intended for spiritual explorers only.  There is no basis for truth in the scientific realms – only you can determine your level of understanding regarding this content.  This information is based on the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the author. If you currently have the virus, this Course is not recommended. Please email if you have questions to determine if this is a Course for you.
Course Includes:
Video Presentation w/Animations: 10 minutes
3 Podcasts: 38 minutes
Suggested Videos to Watch
Guided Journeys: 43 minutes
Thought-Provoking Exercises
Background Music: Myth, Magic & Mystery, Journey of the Soul, Shamballa~Journey Home, Sanctuary
Pre-Requisite Course Recomendations:
Increasing your Light Quotient
Following the Breath
Course Release Date: 9.13.20


Satisfaction Guarantee – if at anytime during this or any Course, you feel that the information is something you are already familiar with or is not what you wanted, I will happily credit for the full Course amount in exchange for another Course. Reach out on the Contact page.

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