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For those who walk a dedicated path of Conscious Evolution and who wish to explore the potential rewards of deepening their divine connection and conscious interaction with their multidimensional DNA codex. This is a path of enhanced intention to actualize higher potentials and manifestation through aligning with a greater dimensional awareness and Planetary Awakening.

Is this DNAvatar Program for You?

DNAvatar™ is a program for spiritual seekers who are interested in consciously participating in their evolving DNA Activation process and want to go beyond the initial awakening experiences. You will already be on a path of self-realization, embracing enlightenment as a predominant way of life. You will have strong intentions and desires to seek altered states of awareness in order to participate more deeply in awakening your full DNA codex (2-strand physical and 12+ strands etheric). The multidimensional QSET™ soundscapes that are the major part of this program will assist you on a daily basis to increase your Light Quotient by providing higher vibrational sustenance to all your bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). As you navigate the shapeshifting process from 3rd density (3D) towards becoming a more evolved being of Light in the 5th World (5D), you will have the much needed energetic support via these sonic transmissions. These multidimensional frequency patterns will help you to continuously and consistently maintain your connection to Source Vibration. Your focus and intention is a key aspect to the success of this program. Each course provides you with audio, visual and kinesthetic styles of information to help you achieve all your desired goals on all levels of your bio-energetic being.

This program is ideally suited for those who are seeking deeper connections to their inner path and purpose by choosing to direct their own personal evolution from this point forward by connecting with their DNA blueprint. The DNA codex is your anchoring point of focus. Courses are for beginners, as well as advanced seekers. The courses will gradually take you from the basics to the more advanced principles of DNA Activation using Multidimensional Sound as a Transformational Tool. This music is for sincere seekers of inner truth and higher wisdom, who would like to put that knowledge towards generating practical and grounded results in one’s life.

Empower your Life Path & Purpose

Awaken your Self-Healing Abilities

Generate more Lifeforce Energy

Increase your Manifestation & Abundance

Stimulate your Psychic/Intuitive Gifts

Unleash your Creative Potentials

Activate your Multi-Strand DNA

Enhance your Meditations

Support your Conscious Evolution Journey

featuring our powerful QSET technology for establishing harmonic resonance throughout multi-dimensional realms of Light . . . .

QSET - Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions
Organic Sounds/Frequencies emanating from Conscious Connection to Source Vibration

“The secret to manifesting your desires and awakening the power of your inner Light are found by learning how to travel deeper into the Self – to the Stillness within. My gift is to help guide you into those spaces so you can discover your own place of Truth and seek the answers to your questions about who you are and what your higher purpose for BEing really is. My courses are created from 40+ years of my own inner explorations as well as thousands of sessions with clients all over the world. I invite you to join me on this adventure so we can all discover our Highest Potentials and help lift humanity to its next level of Conscious Evolution. “

– JoAnn Shivanti

JoAnn Shivanti Chambers

What DNAvatar's are Saying about the Program

I could literally feel the individual notes seeping into my cells and transforming me on a very deep level. I could feel the increased Light in my body. I am a "changed vibratory being" and I have felt a tingle of excitement as I experience a deep Knowingness that I have found exactly what I was looking for at this critical juncture in my Evolutionary Shift as a human BEing.
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SLM, Nevada
This program provides information in a manner that anyone can understand and will be beneficial at any stage of their soul’s journey of discovery.
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VJ, Tennessee
This program is a complete transformational experience. Once I started listening to the soundscapes I launched into a journey that changed everything. When you start listening to the soundscapes and participate in your own transformation, the magic happens.
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AS, Oregon
All this time I have been looking outward to grow. When I could have been looking inward at my DNA. Want change, want to grow in all areas of your life? Then apply the teachings in the DNAvatar in your life.
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EO, Florida
The DNAvatar material is So rich. It's as though everything I've asked for in the last year and the things I need to know right now are being answered for me via these teachings.
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LW, Ohio
I've been a metaphysical student for many years, and I've never encountered any program like DNAvatar. The material is fascinating and the results are immediate.
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DL, Florida
I find that this music has helped me evolve my creative writing projects as well as provide me with deeper insights when I’m working in my community at town council meetings. Very powerful and engaging sounds.
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DG, Oregon