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What is a DNAvatar™?

One who engages and fully embodies the ever unfolding DNA Activation process using full awareness and intentional consciousness directed towards manifesting the next level of humanity’s highest potentials

One who actively studies and explores theories, concepts and philosophies of quantum communications with their DNA using the Multidimensional QSET Music by Gary Chambers/ShapeshifterDNA

Seekers of Self Empowered Enlightenment by consciously choosing to walk a path of Conscious Evolution 

As you immerse yourself within the higher teachings offered in our Sonic Mystery School, based on engagement with the various soundscapes, you become an energetic placeholder of this vast body of frequency based knowledge and wisdom. By sharing your unique multidimensional vibrational essence with others in connection to this work, either directly or by radiating Light, you become a DNAvatar™.

DNA | D(eoxyribo) N(ucleic) A(cid) – complex Language of ALL Lifeforms throughout the Universe, physical and etheric strands of encoded information regarding body formation & function, consciousness development, dormant potentials, incarnational memories, akashic records and then some.

Avatar | av·a·tar [av-uh-tahr] – one who embodies or personifies a principle, concept, attitude, or view of life; the highest reflection of a body of work that has been received via divine transmissions from Source Vibration

DNAvatar’s are considered lifetime students of the Conscious Evolutionary Arts dedicated to mastering the evolution of their personal DNA codex and can either be a frequency placeholder or a teacher of the work or somewhere in between. It is up to each individual as to when they feel they can call themselves a “DNAvatar”. It is something that becomes clear to you as you dive deeper into your Soul level awareness. As one progresses throughout the courses offered here, there may be more significant downloads received as well as this awareness arises from your interactions with JoAnn Shivanti.

The DNAvatar™ Program:
  • Is for those dedicated to activating their higher DNA codex with the desire to attain higher states of creative potential in all areas of life
  • Assists you to maintain a multi-faceted, multidimensional focus in 5D while maintaining an effective and grounded alignment with your intended 3D goals
  • Guides you consistently towards higher states of enlightenment by providing graduated states of stability and expansion along the journey
  • Expands the reach of your Quantum Light Quotient, your personal frequency spectrum, by engaging consciously in the uplifting of the entire planetary grid with your directed intentions
  • Assists you to master the art of moving into more effective and positive timelines, connecting and communicating with alternate selves in past, present & future and integrating those aspects into functional alignment with the Now
  • Taps into advanced potentials in rejuvenation, anti-aging and transformation through Modulating the Lifewave of the Body Temple throughout all dimensional levels
  • Accesses the Sonic Keys of our QSET process to obtain deeper insights on attaining new levels of Abundance by aligning to the advanced 5th World templates now emerging on the Planet
  • Removes the perceived separations — lifting the veils — between the Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious so that all aspects function harmoniously as ONE
  • Helps you navigate through the Morphogenic Fields of existence and to effectively wield the power of synchronicity and higher intuition to create desired changes in your Reality
  • Engages you in an energetic and physical connection to a community of like-minded individuals concerned with the deeper aspects of personal and planetary evolution
What qualifies you to become a DNAvatar?
  • Mostly just a deep love, honor and respect of the QSET soundscape transmissions and a deeper understanding of its higher meaning and purpose in one’s life
  • Active consistent engagement with the DNA Activation soundscapes or the DNAvatar Program for at least 6 months minimum (stopping/starting does not count)
  • An eagerness to absorb higher dimensional information via sound and a continual desire to learn, evolve and grow from this knowledge
  • Actively and consistently engaged in your personal transformation process and walking a path of Conscious Evolution
  • Dedicated to be a flameholder of the higher teachings received from your DNA Activation transmissions

The DNAvatar teachings are specific to using the multidimensional QSET music brought forth by Gary Chambers/ShapeshifterDNA and is the central focus for awakening and activating your higher DNA codex. You do not have to engage with the courses here if you feel you already have a deeper understanding of how to use the sounds to engage with your DNA codex and already have established a connection with your Soul level awareness using these soundscapes.

*DNAvatar™ is trademarked by Gary & JoAnn Chambers/Visionary Music, Inc. 2010

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