Courses Available

Courses Currently Available

The following Courses are currently available. We recommend you begin with the 2 free intro Courses first and the proceed as guided. To view upcoming Course and Descriptions, visit our In Development page.

Toe Dipping for Newbies | DNAvatar

Toe Dipping for Newbies

If you are totally new to this Body of Work, here is the place to begin. Rather than fill up the mental body, just dive into the music for 30 days or less and let your inner guidance direct the flow.

Introduction to DNAvatar Program

Introduction to DNAvatar Program

Get started by learning more about the DNAvatar Program and how it was created. You will learn how to start working with this music with your first soundscape.

Increasing your Light Quotient

Increasing your Light Quotient

Learning how to Increase your Light Quotient is the beginning step to experience becoming Sound and tuning into the Vibrational World all around you.

Following the Breath | DNAvatar Program

Following the Breath

We will explore a few different styles of breathing in this Course to help you deepen your experience with Sound Healing. Your connection with Breath helps you to drop the mental chatter and align with the silence and peace within through resonance shifting.

Becoming Sound

Becoming Sound, Dissolving into a Formless State

This is the main technique you will use when taking deep dives into the QSET soundscapes. This requires a deep letting go technique and a profound level of connection to your Soul Essence and to Source Vibration. Ideal foundation for all Sound Healing adventures.

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