Is this DNAvatar Program for You?

You will know deep within if this is true for you . . .

Are you awakening and walking your journey towards a dedicated path of Conscious Evolution? Do you sincerely desire to explore your higher potentials  by deepening your divine connection within your DNA Matrix of Light to activate conscious interaction with Source Vibration/ONEness?

DNAvatar™ is a program for spiritual seekers who are interested in consciously participating in their evolving DNA Activation process and want to go beyond the initial awakening experiences. You will already be on a path of self-realization, embracing enlightenment as a predominant way of life. You will have strong intentions and desires to seek altered states of awareness in order to participate more deeply in awakening your full DNA codex (2-strand physical and 12+ strands etheric). The multidimensional QSET™ soundscapes that are the major part of this program will assist you on a daily basis to increase your Light Quotient by providing higher vibrational sustenance to all your bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). As you navigate the shapeshifting process from 3rd density (3D) towards becoming a more evolved being of Light in the 5th World (5D), you will have the much needed energetic support via these sonic transmissions. These multidimensional frequency patterns will help you to continuously and consistently maintain your connection to Source Vibration. Your focus and intention is a key aspect to the success of this program. Each course provides you with visual, audio and kinesthetic styles (VAK Principles) of information to help you achieve your desired goals on all levels of your bio-energetic being.

This program is ideally suited for those who are seeking deeper connections to their inner path and purpose by choosing to direct their own personal evolution from this point forward by connecting with their DNA blueprint. The DNA codex is your anchoring point of focus, however, you can call this process by many other names – awakening, mindfulness, stillness, enlightenment, conscious evolution and more. Your point of focus is personal to you and this Course will not try to change that, it is an open ended realm for explorations into the multidimensional realms of Light.  

Courses are for beginners, as well as advanced seekers. The Courses will gradually take you from the basics to the more advanced principles of DNA Activation using Multidimensional Sound as a Transformational Tool. This music is for sincere seekers of inner truth and higher wisdom, who would like to put that knowledge towards generating practical and grounded results in one’s life.

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