About JoAnn Shivanti

About JoAnn Shivanti

JoAnn Shivanti ChambersGreetings and thank you for checking out my DNAvatar Program. My name is JoAnn Chambers and my spiritual name is Shivanti (shee-vawn-ti). I have maintained a private practice in the Evolutionary Healing Arts since 1985, starting with massage, deep tissue, structural bodywork (rolfing®/postural integration®), energy healing, psychic/clairvoyant readings, shamanic journeying, spiritual guidance and DNA Activation. I have also had an online presence since 2000 doing chakra readings, aura portraits, past life readings, shamanic journeying, remote healing sessions and spiritual guidance at my website called The 3rd Eye. I have worked with thousands of people all over the world during this time. My goal is to help you find your True Self by learning how to explore your inner worlds of wonder, magic and mystery that has always been available Within You. ~JoAnn Shivanti

Within You

This program is created as a tool to help you learn how to navigate the inner space Within You

The Truth is Within You

The Answers to your Questions are Within You

The Secret to Who You Are is Within You

I would like to share a bit about myself so you can get to know me better. This will help you feel more comfortable knowing who I am and what my background is in relation to these teachings. I believe in transparency and openness of information, I want you to feel comfortable asking me questions and I will do my best to provide you some insights to help you. I will give you an overview below, but will also expand on some aspects in upcoming  courses.

I have been consciously walking my spiritual path this lifetime for over 40 years and have uncovered many past life times where I also offered services as a healer/spiritual guide/teacher. The predominant ones that have come forth in this timeline to assist me in my journey are from Atlantis, India and Shamanic Toltec traditions.

In this lifetime, I have awakened through consistent focused intentions on maintaining a balanced life in all dimensional realms. I did not require an intense event in my life to awaken as it is for many, but I have been through my fair share of trauma, suffering, pain and sadness; with each event taking me deeper within. For me, it was the desire to go within that kept me on an awakening journey. It has been that ability that has provided me with deep levels of peace, comfort and joy for this life and this form. While I have engaged infrequently in a variety of plant teacher medicines through the years to push through blocks or resistances, my preferred method is through deep breathing, yoga and extensive meditation sessions most often accompanied by the multidimensional music created by my husband Gary/ShapeshifterDNA. We created a sound & light energy enhancement environment in 1989 and this has been my sacred healing temple for all my transformational work.

I currently meditate for 2-4 hours a day and it is during some of that time that I receive guidance for this program. I recently took a 3 year sabbatical (2017-2020) from my private practice and teaching events in order to prepare myself for this next level of my work. The COVID event pushed me, somewhat unwillingly, back out to continue, as I had started to enjoy the complacency of doing mindless massage in a spa environment, which was still a great way to share my Light with others. I am excited to have it unfolding in a new and engaging way that supports my new personal lifestyle choices as well as continuing to be able to provide immersive content and experiences for my students.

My current practice of raja yoga and meditation continually guides me to the next step on my evolutionary journey. I am personally working on the shapeshifting process that is currently unfolding for many who seek to embody the Light within. I’m am learning how to shift my primary focus of attention from a dense 3D carbon based physical form to a new form that contains more crystalline Light energy which maintains a primary focus in the 5D dimensional realms; albeit grounded in 3D matter to manage the necessary requirements for physical life. That is the challenging part for us all at this time. I see this as a form of conscious ascension that includes concepts from physical body rejuvenation, anti-aging, transmutation, transmigration moving towards a form of conscious dying and immortality.  This takes a tremendous amount of focused energy and discipline to manifest and I am dedicated to walking this path in each Now moment in order to fully embody these teachings of being a DNAvatar. It requires more time for inner silence and less interactions with the 3D world, so this format of online course will provide me the optimal environment for me to do both. My plan is to share what I learn with you as I navigate this adventure. You can pick up wherever and whenever you feel ready for another transmission.

Starting in 2022, I have been actively engaging with the metaverse platforms, specifically AltSpaceVR. I have found this to be a magical space and a wonderful way in which I can share my gifts as a digital content creator and a spiritual healer. I will be sharing the content here in this program in classes and events in our sound healing temple called  MUSE (Music Unifies Spiritual Energy).

MUSE Sound Healing Temple in AltSpaceVR

My Spiritual Name - Shivanti

The name emanates from my deeper resonance with many previous lives I have lived in India developing my spiritual self. This name evolved over time as I was emerging and stepping further into divine union with Source Vibration (synonymous with God or whatever name you call ALL). I have spent many pastlives in ashrams with a particular affinity to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Their teachings and personal quests, primarily the Mother, resonate most deeply with me this lifetime and I felt as I read their materials that the deeper teachings are already deep within my DNA codex.

As Shivanti,  I consider myself a spiritual ambassador here to assist those ready to shift from a predominant 3rd dimensional life to the 5th World of Light. 

Shiva – represents the aspect of me that is a system buster, one who shifts another’s reality to evolve, to expand and grow beyond their current limits – a destroyer of old worlds/beliefs
– lookup Wiki Shiva
Shanti – is a goddess of Peace, bringing calmness and serenity to others
– lookup Wiki Shanti

The teachings I am offering here in this DNAvatar Program emanate from my lifetime journeys into the spiritual realms. I also bring these teachings through during my private sessions with clients in various ways to assist them to find their way to their own inner Light. I am not here to tell you what to do or how you need to do something or give you any defined set of rules to follow but to help you find the pathways that make the most sense to you and allow you to continue to feel safe within during these explorations. Having a guide during these explorations can be very helpful at times as you will encounter blocks and resistances along the way.

My 3D world certifications have included many modalities in the massage field – esalen, neuromuscular trigger point, cranial sacral, reflexology, & postural integration, which is similar to Rolfing. I am a LMT (licensed massage therapist) in Florida and have maintained various levels of a private practice since getting licensed in 1985. I am a certified psychophysical therapist, which combines bodywork and psychology to assist in releasing traumas and blocks in the body, mind & emotions. I am interested in the transpersonal psychology field and have studied psychosynthesis techniques and combined them with shamanic journeying to assist clients in navigating the multidimensional realms of Light. By adding in my clairvoyant abilities I am able to help navigate into areas of consciousness that are often difficult for people to traverse. I have been studying related fields like anatomy & physiology, nutrition, yoga, psychology, philosophy, personal growth, spirituality, metaphysics and quantum physics since my early 20s.

Over the years, my work continued to evolve from such an intense focus on the physical body towards the etheric bodies. This was brought about primarily by working with Gary’s multidimensional music and our sound and light room called the Odyssey. I met my husband Gary, my twin flame, in 1987 and we started to bring our work together, something we realized we had done many times before in other lives. As I starting using his music with my clients during sessions, I began to see energy patterns emerging as they were releasing from my clients bodies. I awakened my clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities while working in these energetic spaces. As they were letting go, these energetic imprints became visual for me and I was able to interpret them into information that could be used by the client to further unfold these patterns and bring forth higher states of healing. I was able to see the chakra movements and the aura patterns on many different levels of my clients. Pastlife scenarios would flash across my third eye vision just like movies being played in a theatre. The multidimensional music facilitated this work in so many ways by providing a soundtrack to our adventures. Aura Portrait by ShivantiAura Portrait by ShivantiI am also skilled as a graphic artist, so I am able to use my abilities to create visual portraits of what I see, which evolved into doing the aura portraits. I have been combining these skills since 1995 by offering my services on the Internet through my website called The 3rd Eye.

I am a vibrational healer and a shaman, which means I work with sound, vibrations and energy to bring about a higher state of being with my clients. I am able to travel into many dimensional realms to see from a more holistic place what is transpiring in a person’s energy field. Healing on various levels occur if the client is in a receptive state and it is in alignment with their higher path and purpose at that time. My goal with clients is to help them understand who they are from the higher place of Light. I help by assisting one to reconnect with their soul essence and when that occurs is when I feel true healings can fully manifest and ground into tangible forms. I have healed myself of many maladies of the physical form over the past several decades, I have even touched into the energy of death sequences many times and have completely transformed my being into one of vibrant health. I have been on the journey myself and fully understand the many stages that one goes through into order to come to a place of being healed. I am now working on my personal ascension process and building my Lightbody in preparation for this journey.

I believe a healer is someone who shares their Light, allowing the client to choose to receive a new vibration or frequency with which to experience their life and path. It is not forced or pushed upon one, but something that is chosen from their own free will in that moment. I consider myself a spiritual guide and feel I have many realms of knowledge developed from which I can offer guidance to those who seek counsel with me. I feel everyone has the ability to live in higher states of joy and bliss as they learn how to incorporate higher teachings in their lives.

For the last 30+ years my husband Gary and I have created a lot of digital content in the form of multidimensional soundscapes, books, podcasts, DVDs, webinars, videos, events, etc. which you can view at Visionary Music & Multimedia. It is from this content  that I will be putting together this DNAvatar Program. I look forward to getting to know you at whatever level of engagement you choose.

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