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Intention as our Master Controller

Begin clear on your intentions is important to this entire process. Without you will be flailing around in the multidimensional realms without a compass. We will explore the various ways you can set clear intentions as you begin to deepen your explorations. (Pre-register to be notified when this Course is available – Course Fee has …

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Directing Energy Flows

Everything is Energy, we are composed of varying degrees of energy. As you become more self-aware of yourself as not just a physical form, but of an energy form that inhabits a physical form, the next step is being able to manage the energy flows within you and around you. (Pre-register to be notified when …

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Setting Protection Field

As you begin to navigate the realms beyond your 3D reality, it is important to set up a field of protection around you that keeps you from attracting malevolent energies in to your field. This awareness enables you to feel safe when venturing out into unknown realms. Along with your Higher Self, you will be …

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Aligning with your Higher Self

As you begin to explore your Inner Worlds, it is important to have an ally that always has your back and can help you to navigate this new terrain. Your Higher Self is an aspect of you that is all-knowing and all-wise and will become your trusted guide as you begin your explorations.(Pre-register to be …

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