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Abundance is an all encompassing term used to describe an excess or a large amount of something. While most people want Financial Abundance, learning to develop and manifest abundance in all areas is the place to begin. Financial is just one aspect of this Abundance puzzle. We will explore how you developed a consciousness of “lack” and learn how to transform that into “plentiful”. Understanding the frequency patterns of Abundance Consciousness is paramount to beginning the journey of shifting your potentially negative relationship with Money into one that is in full alignment with your spiritual path and purpose. We will look into patterns that you have adopted from this life and mostly your pastlife patterns that have limited your ability to manifest money from a place of higher Light. While the path through this may show you how the lack of money can still be a plac eof Abundance, we will see how the transitional process occurs and what you can do to move it along more quickly. (Pre-register to be notified when this Course is available – Course Fee has yet to be determined for this Course)

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