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Pastlife imprints have the power to control and direct our behaviors with others and with ourselves. We find that we are repeating patterns and not understanding why we are experiencing the same thing again and again. When we can step outside of these patterns and look at pastlife information as a way to understand the deeper implications of why these emotional patterns are emerging, we can finally begin to stop by never starting in the first place. There are several pastlives that are important to uncover which will help you in areas of family dynamics, romance, social situations, financial and career development choices. These are revealed to you in the timing in which you are most ready to deal with the information that comes forth. Multidimensional QSET sounds are able to penetrate this information vibrationally and release the information to your mind for transformation. (Pre-register to be notified when this Course is available – Course Fee has yet to be determined for this Course)

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