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Following the Breath

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Following the Breath

The importance of consciously becoming aware of your breath is one of the key techniques to master when working with this music, as well as any Sound Healing program. The breath is the guide, the way of flow, the director of the momentum you follow within the sounds.

We will explore a few different styles of breathing in this Course to help you prepare for taking your deeper dives with the soundscapes. This Course provides a strong foundation for the remaining Courses in this Program. It is vitally important that one learns how to control their breathing as they venture further into expanded states of consciousness with our music.

The breath helps to establish resonance with the QSET soundscapes and assists one in experiencing reality from a vibrational state of awareness. It is the Transitional Tool needed to shift from excessive mental body thought processing towards fully engaging in the world of Energy; a formless state of awareness. This awareness enhances ones connection to the higher realms of Light and ultimately with Source Vibration. It also assists in helping one to make the transition from 3D reality to living in the 5th World of Light – an important step in the ascension process.

This Course is important to take even if you have already done breathwork before as it is specifically designed to accompany our soundscapes and part of the technique you will need to engage more deeply.

Course Includes:
Video Presentation w/Animations: 7 minutes
2 Journal Journeys: 25 minutes
5 Guided Journeys: 77 minutes Course
Release Date: 8.11.20

Satisfaction Guarantee – if at anytime during this or any Course, you feel that the information is something you are already familiar with or is not what you wanted, I will offer you credit for the full Course amount which you can use as an exchange for another Course. Reach out on the Contact page.

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