Increasing your Light Quotient

Increasing your Light Quotient

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Using Focused Breathing to Connect with Light Energy

This Course teaches you to increase your Light Quotient using a basic breathing technique that will help you start to gradually engage with our QSET soundscapes. It is similar to many other beginner breathing techniques with the addition of adding intent to direct your focus into becoming deeply engaged with Sound. You will learn how to focus your attention on various layers within the soundscape to assist you in expanding your energy body. This initiates your tangible awareness of multidimensional energy and how to use that energy to increase your Light.  As a result, you begin the process of gradually increasing the amount of Light Energy that you can manage, maintain and project towards your intended desires – what is often referred to as the Law of Attraction. This is a foundational exercise that is important to the larger goal of becoming Sound. We call this process, “Increasing your Light Quotient.”

Course Includes:
Video Presentation w/Animations: 5 minutes
Guided Journey MP3: 43 minutes
Full Fidelity Download .wav: Touch of Angels

Touch of Angels Soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA

Course Release Date: 5.5.20 ~ Updated 10.2.22

Satisfaction Guarantee – if at anytime during this or any Course, you feel that the information is something you are already familiar with or is not what you wanted, I will offer you credit for the full Course amount which you can use as an exchange for another Course. Reach out to me on the Contact page.

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