Introduction to DNAvatar Program

Introduction to DNAvatar Program

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Begin with Building your Knowledge about DNA Activation


Welcome to the first Course in our DNAvatar Program. This is a great place to begin your adventure to learn more about how this Body of Work was developed and how it all relates to DNA Activation. You will learn more about the creators, Gary “G•Mage” and JoAnn “Shivanti” Chambers, as well as how to get started working with the soundscapes.

This Course will include many exercises that will help you discover more about who you are and what your highest potentials might be. The DNA Activation process is multi-layered and you will ultimately need to approach it from many different angles in order to really grasp its full potential in your life. There are guided journeys to assist you in deepening your access to your inner landscape, enabling you to experience the profound potentials of using Sound to activate your DNA Codex.

Once you complete this intro course, you will have a good overview of what this music can be used for in your life along with some initial experiential techniques to get you started exploring Multidimensional QSET Sound as a Tool for Healing and Transformation. You will understand how the DNA Activation process weaves in and through all of the QSET soundscapes.

Consider also starting our Toe Dipping for Beginners at the same time along with this Course.

Includes Full Fidelity Soundscape: Touch of Angels

Release Date: 1.1.20

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