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Modulating the Lifewave – Energy Body Dancing

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Using breath to deepen your bodies awareness of sound in order to feel the pulses, rhythms, modulations begins the process of learning how to step outside of the predominance of the physical body focus and into a more expanded awareness of yourself as a field of energy. We will loosen the tightness surrounding the attachment and embodiment of form and expand ourselves into the awareness of ourselves as an expanded field of energy. Developing the flexibility of the energy body translates to living life more consistently in the state of flow. Learning how to be flexible and to let go quickly so that you can hold your personal state of empowerment. Clearer decision making and less need for drama to be played out to bring you towards resolve easily. This enables you to make progress towards your intentions at a more accelerated pace. (Pre-register to be notified when this Course is available – Course Fee has yet to be determined for this Course)

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