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Sound healing has been used by all cultures to stimulate the healing process within the body temple. In many societies today, music has predominantly become a form of entertainment. There has been a resurgence in the past few decades that sound, when directed and intended for the purpose of healing, can have profound transformational effects on the listener. This QSET music, at its core essence, is all about activating the awareness of self-healing within the individual. All the various Courses in this DNAvatar Program address how we bring this awareness back into our consciousness, thereby cultivating the ability to heal ourselves through the ability to focus and direct energy flows. Our bodies are capable of maintaining optimal health and wellness as well as slowing the aging process and extending our life span. The more in tune you become with the vibrational level of your form, the more aware you become of the subtle body and the clues that it will give you regarding needed care for the physical. This knowledge comes forth long before an illness or dis-ease can take root in the physical body. QSET Sound becomes the bridge to developing that awareness. (Pre-register to be notified when this Course is available – Course Fee has yet to be determined for this Course)

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