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The Journey of Self-Healing

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Self-Healing is a journey that takes regular practice to understand and eventually master. We will explore some of the beliefs that are entrenched in society that prevent one from truly embracing this ability so that you can shift your thinking towards removing the fear of becoming sick or dis-eased. The current medical model of care is given to a Doctor who never knows even a small fraction of what is going on with all of you, so how can they possible provide a complete diagnosis. The complexity of our bio-energetic being cannot be healed by a mechanistic approach without harming another aspect of self that is being ignored in the treatment plan. This Course is NOT for those who are already heavily invested in trusting our medical system. A pre-interview will be required to take this Course to determine if it is advisable for you to work with this knowledge at this time. (Pre-register to be notified when this Course is available – Course Fee has yet to be determined for this Course)

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