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COVID19: 5D Energy Healing | DNAvatar

COVID19: 5D Energy Healing

Understanding COVID19 from the 5D Templates Release Date: 5.26.20 The COVID19 Global event is potentially reaching every human on the Planet in one way or another. Nothing like this has ever occurred before to this degree. Yes, we have had pandemics throughout history, but the magnitude of this coupled with the current world population, the …

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Introduction to DNAvatar Program

Introduction to DNAvatar Program

Begin with Building your Knowledge about DNA Activation Welcome to the first Course in our DNAvatar Program. This is a great place to begin your adventure to learn more about how this Body of Work was developed and how it all relates to DNA Activation. You will learn more about the creators, Gary “G•Mage” and …

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Toe Dipping for Newbies | DNAvatar

Toe Dipping for Newbies

If you are new, Start Here Pre DNA Activation If you are totally new to our Body of Work and would like to see if this is something for you to engage with further, then I offer you this as a place to start. Forget all the mental body learning presented in the Intro Course …

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