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COVID19: 5D Energy Healing | DNAvatar

COVID19: 5D Energy Healing

Understanding COVID19 from the 5D Templates Release Date: 5.26.20 The COVID19 Global event is potentially reaching every human on the Planet in one way or another. Nothing like this has ever occurred before to this degree. Yes, we have had pandemics throughout history, but the magnitude of this coupled with the current world population, the …

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Following the Breath | DNAvatar Program

Following the Breath

Following the Breath The importance of consciously becoming aware of your breath is one of the key techniques to master when working with this music, as well as any Sound Healing program. The breath is the guide, the way of flow, the director of the momentum you follow within the sounds. We will explore a …

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Increasing your Light Quotient

Increasing your Light Quotient

Using Focused Breathing to Connect with Light Energy This Course teaches you to increase your Light Quotient using a basic breathing technique that will help you start to gradually engage with our QSET soundscapes. It is similar to many other beginner breathing techniques with the addition of adding intent to direct your focus into becoming …

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