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Following the Breath | DNAvatar Program

Following the Breath

We are in the process of converting this site to a new LMS Platform. In the meantime, if you would like to request any of these Courses, please email us at Following the Breath The importance of consciously becoming aware of your breath is one of the key techniques to master when working with this …

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Increasing your Light Quotient

Increasing your Light Quotient

We are in the process of converting this site to a new LMS Platform. In the meantime, if you would like to request any of these Courses, please email us at Using Focused Breathing to Connect with Light Energy This Course teaches you to increase your Light Quotient using a basic breathing technique that will …

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Introduction to DNAvatar Program

Introduction to DNAvatar Program

We are in the process of converting this site to a new LMS Platform. In the meantime, if you would like to request any of these Courses, please email us at Begin with Building your Knowledge about DNA Activation    Welcome to the first Course in our DNAvatar Program. This is a great place to …

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Toe Dipping for Newbies | DNAvatar

Toe Dipping for Newbies

SPECIAL NOTICE: We are converting this Program to another platform. If you would like to purchase a course, you can request it in Download format – If you are new, Start Here Pre DNA Activation If you are totally new to our Body of Work and would like to see if this is something …

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DNAvatar In Development

Following Sound

Sound is the ultimate bridge between the world of matter and the world of energy. Using sound and tuning into the deeper levels of sounds, pulses, modulations and rhythms is a powerful way to expand your awareness of your bio-energetic matrix. We will expand your 6th sense perceptions to allow and expansion of information to …

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Intention as our Master Controller

Begin clear on your intentions is important to this entire process. Without you will be flailing around in the multidimensional realms without a compass. We will explore the various ways you can set clear intentions as you begin to deepen your explorations. (Pre-register to be notified when this Course is available – Course Fee has …

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QSET Soundscapes

This course explores each of the soundscapes that have been created. We will share their history and specific guidance we received on how it can be used for optimal results. Podcasts with Gary talking about his personal journey with the creation will also be added. JoAnn will share her insights on personal explorations as well …

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Plant Medicine

Using psychedelics, hallucinogens, ethnocentric, cannibis or herbal concoctions you can delve deeper into you psyche. When used with caution and sobriety from a shamanic perspective, these plant teachers can open up pathways that were previous blocked from your concisousness due to the intensity of some of these past events. We will explore how and when …

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DNAvatar In Development

Afterlife Connections

Those who have passed on have crossed over into another dimensional realm. While for most people this realm is not easily accessed, you can choose to focus your attentions on this realm and start to receive information and guidance. Using certain QSET soundscapes you can set up the vibrational frequency patterns needed to maintain this …

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This is a process that you will engage with often to understand the nuances of your behaviors which are rooted in old beliefs and programs that you adopted through your upbringing as well as from pastlife imprints. This technique is very easy and powerful once you shift into the vibrational world. The music become a …

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DNAvatar In Development

Becoming a Teacher

At some point on your awakening journey it may become time for you to begin sharing your new knowledge with others. You want to be sure you feel solid in what you know and how you plan to share this information. Certainly taking most of the Course here will be a requirement to becoming a …

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Tantric Sexuality

Sex or sexual release is one of the most powerful sensations humans can experience. Exploring the tantric form, with our without a partner can lead to very powerful healing within the physical form. Learning some basic techniques to shift from the old forms of animal style to ego centered styles of lovemaking or self pleasuring …

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Balancing Money & Light

Money is the predominant factor on this 3D planet that controls how people behave, act towards others and manage their life’s various situations. By discovering your deeper relationship with money from this life throughout several of your pastlives you will learn how to bring balance and peace surrounding the topic of money. (Pre-register to be …

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DNAvatar In Development

Advanced PSI Abilities

There are many advanced abilities that one can attain if they have successfully developed a solid spiritual foundation. We will cover how to develop the potential for many of these ascension skills that are really a by product of this work. We will explore transmigration, transmutation, immortality and ascension dynamics. (Pre-register to be notified when …

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Telepathy is a sixth sense quality that one develops naturally as they start to awaken. Having a close partner is helpful for practicing. While it is not the same as specifically hearing every word that is thought, you can learn to receive the information more in a non-linear way. Capturing the essence of thoughts that …

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DNAvatar In Development

Alien Communications

Alien energy means many things to people today. We consider it the “other” realms and within those realms there are beings who live in this higher vibrational state much like we do in ours. If you are feeling called to connect with a specific race or group of aliens, you can use the music to …

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Accessing Akashic Records

Our akashic records contain all the information about you, throughout all your lifetimes. You have access to this information once you begin to engage in the vibrational world. By tuning into these records you can discover answers to many of the questions that you have been seeking to understand about your life path and the …

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DNAvatar In Development

3D to 5D Transformation

We live in a 3D world of forms built from combinations of degrees of matter. Because of its allure, we have become stuck in this realm as if it was the only reality there is. But there are higher vibrational realms or worlds that exist around us and by setting our intentions to connect with …

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DNAvatar In Development

Soul Retrieval

Your vibrational essence is your Soul level energy that you are seeking to move into total alignment with. By retrieving lost pieces of your bio-energetic matrix with the intention of moving into total alignment with your Soul Essence brings forth greater abilities to manifest all your dreams and desires. Once in deep contact with your …

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